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Wilmington, North Carolina
910 465-2331

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Mustardseed Veteran Funding is the premier portal for Veteran and spouses applying for Business Loans. We specialize in assisting veterans/spouses with their Business Loan proposal which we can then present to our portfolio of proprietary lenders resulting in an expedited process in securing your loan.

Why Use Mustardseed Veteran Funding?
  1. Mustardseed Veteran Funding will provide, at no cost, a funding pre-approval letter from our Lenders prior to your contract bid. Only available from Mustardseed Veteran Funding.
  2. Specializing in SBA loans from our Partner Banks
  3. Complete loan package preparation on line
  4. Expedited loan processing
  5. Catalyst between Veteran and Bank
  6. One-on-one guidance from our staff
  7. Dedicated rep from start to funding
  8. Personal relationships with our banking partners
  9. Veteran spouse owned and operated
  10. Serving Veterans and spouses

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